Laser Cutting

Laser Profiles operates two Bystronic ‘Bystar’ 4.4kW & 6kW flat-bed laser cutting machines both coupled to a ‘Bystore’ automated materials handling system. This allows up to 30 tons of material to be automatically processed unmanned in ‘lights-out’ 24/7 production, providing highly efficient and cost-effective laser cutting for a wide range of materials and thickness.

Laser cutting is highly suitable for innovative applications in sheet metal processing, representing a unique quality. The high production flexibility combined with the great diversity of materials and shapes explain its worldwide recognition as an indispensable basic technology.

Advantages of Laser Cutting:

  • High productivity
  • Versatility to cut any shape you need
  • No tooling costs
  • High precision with clean edges means almost no finishing work is necessary
  • CO2 laser: for cutting all sheet metal thickness up to 25 mm
  • Minimal heat distortion of parts
  • Laser Cutting and Water Jet Cutting complement each other